The hard drive has been removed. It has high quality plastic on the inside. I wanted the white glove treatment. It s built like a tank, wrapped in IBM s rock-solid case that folds to a slim 1. Screen Size see all. Of course, this was no entry-level laptop back when it was purchased.

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However, laptops are devices where you frequently view content from above or below i. Good Performance — I wanted good performance. My laptop arrived on a Monday. A two-and-a-half hour battery combined with screen problems might not be major issues for lesser notebooks, but the T42 s strong suits along t42 ibm thinkpad its price make these flaws all the more noticeable.

It is very well constructed. When I first got it, I still had an Dedicated Video Memory — T42 ibm thinkpad wanted dedicated memory not because I game, but I did not want it to draw off the system memory. Much to my delight, there were t42 ibm thinkpad dead pixels. The case is made of magnesium and titanium with metal hinges for the screen. Turn off the wireless or dim the screen and you might get an extra minutes of light use.

I am not a power user so 1. You can use it to recover your ThinkPad in case it ever gets corrupted. More refinements More refinements It s hard to say enough about the build quality and how wonderful it is to use the machine for many common tasks, provided you re near a power outlet.


Pricing for the T42p has yet to be announced. What s frustrating is that all that wonderfulness is contrasted by a mediocre battery life and the sometimes severe ghosting exhibited by the otherwise beautiful Flexview screen. Anyone looking for a well constructed and versatile notebook, business user or otherwise, t42 ibm thinkpad do well to consider it.

Even if I had gotten a smaller one, my backpack would have only gone from 15 t42 ibm thinkpad to 14 pounds. Windows XP Vienna Edition. Screen Size see all. The reps have been friendly and competent.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

Skip to t42 ibm thinkpad content. Prices on T43s have come down recently. I have also heard those issues have been solved with the newer T43s.

I don’t have a major problem with t42 ibm thinkpad displays, but there’s a limit to how far we should go, and The FlexView does this too, but not nearly as much.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

I have also had Unbuntu Linux and Windows installed on it. I am unable to test it any further. Returns on the internet can be problematic.

A DVD played less than two hours on power-saving settings very-slow processor speed, screen set to its middle brightness before the machine shut off. If there were more quality panels in use, economies of scale comes into play and prices go down, but it doesn’t look thinkpsd there’s much interest in creating less expensive IPS panels when you can make even cheaper TN displays.


While it definitely wins the vertical viewing angle comparison, in other areas it’s still a product of t42 ibm thinkpad time. If T42 ibm thinkpad am sitting up with it in my lap, I can turn it down so the lid is parallel to my legs and the screen is completely readable. I had heard about fan noise issues with the T43s. It has high quality plastic on the inside.

What I have to wonder is if all of this talk of laptop LCDs only matters t42 ibm thinkpad a small percentage of users. Laptop turns on and you can hear the thinkpadd running, but nothing appears on the screen.