Don’t show this again. This high quality digital camera’s This helps to make the DMC-TZ8 great for candid moments, as people assume that you’re using just a standard point and shoot with a much more limited range. Zooming from the widest focal length to the longest is very slow at around 4 seconds, but focusing is quick in good light and the camera achieves focus most of the time indoors or in low-light situations, helped by the focus-assist lamp. Face Recognition playbacks only the photos that contain a certain face. Very useful for group shots where you want your loved ones to be the centre of attention. One difference between the Lumix DMC TZ8 and previous models in the series is the introduction of manual exposure modes.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 – CNET

Due to the large LCD screen and restricting the number of on-screen choices to five, the various options and icons are panasonic dmc-tz8 clear and legible.

The camera will even automatically panaeonic to Baby mode if someone registered as dmf-tz8 than 3 years old appears in the frame! You won’t want to go back to a “standard” 35mm zoom after using the 25mm lens on the DMC-TZ8, or even a 28mm one – 3mm at the wide-angle end really panasonic dmc-tz8 make a big difference. This Panasonic camera has a Leica DC 25mm wide angle lens that captures every minute detail within the frame.

If the subject is still, then the camera chooses panasonic dmc-tz8 lower sensitivity and slower panasonic dmc-tz8 speed.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 review

The 5 available scene modes are Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Night Portrait and Night Scenery, so obviously not all situations are covered by Intelligent Auto Mode, but it does work for the majority of the time. Menu button which provides panasonic dmc-tz8 access to most of the principal controls, including Panasonic dmc-tz8 speed, image size, image quality and white balance there panasonnic 9 settings in total.


How a trip to Mars could be just a series of long naps. An Auto setting is also available if you’re not sure which one to use. The DMC-TZ8 is well-made overall, although there are a couple of external controls that don’t instill much confidence. panasonic dmc-tz8

The Wind Cut function does exactly what its name suggests, Intelligent Exposure, White Balance and Colour Effects can all be set, you panasonic dmc-tz8 also use the zoom lens during panasonic dmc-tz8 and really make the most of that mm focal range, and the various movie options are sensibly stored panasonic dmc-tz8 an easy to understand Motion Picture menu.

Despite the addition of the new manual shooting modes, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 is still not overly complex in terms of the number of external controls panasonic dmc-tz8 it has. The TZ8 actually has a 14 megapixel sensor, but only uses 12 megapixels so that it can offer three different aspect ratios – 4: This helps to make the DMC-TZ8 great for candid moments, as people assume that you’re using just a standard point and shoot with a much more limited range.

If this store has a Tesco Direct desk, please place your order there. Panasonic dmc-tz8 browsing this site you accept cookies used to improve and personalise our services and marketing, and for social activity. This is a shame because it’s a lot more intuitive than having to select the movie mode and then press the shutter button. Intelligent Exposure increases the exposure only in the under-exposed areas of the image, vmc-tz8 Digital Red-eye automatically detects and removes red-eye. Zoom buttons and iA shooting mode being specific to Panasoic and requiring a quick read of the user guide.

Panasonic Lumix Tz8 Digital Camera

Face Recognition playbacks only the photos that contain a certain face. Intelligent Auto Mode automatically determines a panasonic dmc-tz8 of key criteria when taking a picture, including selecting the most appropriate scene mode and ISO speed, and turning face detection up to 15 facesimage stabilization and quick auto-focus on.


Panasonic also provide a Panasonic dmc-tz8 Sensitivity Mode to panasonic dmc-tz8 combat the effects of panasonic dmc-tz8 shake. There are some obvious drawbacks with this panasonic dmc-tz8 scene mode, principally a significant increase in noise and blurring – Panasonic state that “Pictures may appear slightly grainy due to high sensitivity”.

Intelligent Exposure can also be turned on in the Normal Picture mode but strangely not Digital Red-eye. If you have never used a digital camera before, or you’re upgrading from a more basic model, reading the easy-to-follow manual before you start is a good idea, especially as a few of the buttons are specific to Panasonic cameras. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line We rated Luminar as ” Highly Recommended “.

If you need any more help, please ask a Tesco colleague.

Could we improve this panasonic dmc-tz8 So if you’re taking shots of a child indoors, the DMC-TZ8 automatically raises the ISO and in turn the dmctz8 speed to avoid blurring the child’s movement.

In addition to the E. The build and finish are panasonic dmc-tz8, and the controls are simple but brilliantly designed.

Even when set to mm, the lens doesn’t extend too far from the front of the TZ8, making it look panasonic dmc-tz8 all intents and purposes like a “normal” compact camera. Returns Policy Help Contact Us. The Bottom Line We can’t give the TZ8 the same rating as the TZ10 simply because it doesn’t have quite as many cool panasonic dmc-tz8, but it’s panasonix value for money.