Yup, it’s the right decision to go ahead and return the board! I Have Clear cmos and minimize the system only leave cpu, cpu fan, and VGA, I have done this a few times, once last night and this morning and also when I first put the board together. OK, good, the CPU is supported. MSI Theater Pro: I try with and without memory, try it out of the case and try a watt psu.

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PM8M2-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI USA

Tried every thing ,different video cards,taking it all apart and check all the hardware. No beep just fans and lights. The guess I will try to return the board for another one and hopefully that will work. About overheating, this is my first msi pm8m2-v vga I usually work with p3 so I not sure what’s a good temp for p4 Prescott? I connect speaker but i can’t hear a beep.

It’s best msi pm8m2-v vga double check in the future as this can caused the CPU to fry if the mobo didn’t cut the power to stop overheating. I’ve just checked the CPU support list.


MSI PM8M2-V MS-7071 AGP VGA SATA RAID mATX socket 478 Motherboard + i/o shield NEW

I’d suggest get a decent quite one. When you say “nothing happened”, does the fan even try msi pm8m2-v vga spin? Well I finally got a post out this thing. The CPU is a P4 3.

Did the fans spin when you switch on the system? Does your mi come with the D-LED bracket? If yes, what’s the D-Bracket status?

Msi Pm8M2 V Vga Driver

Good luck with any future board you purchase! What it could be???

Btw, what happen before you get the system running? Please login or register. I think you have tried out almost everything, sorry we can’t help you anymore. Home Help Search Login Register.

I’m asking this just to remind you to check every connections is OK, especially the ATX12V must be plugged to va motherboard as well. I getting power to everything motherboard ,cpu, CPU fan and psu and case fan. Well, I made the same mistake before: I think my board maybe no good. I have also done some searching on this board and all over the web and I vg found more than a few hand full of people that are having the msi pm8m2-v vga problem with the motherboard.


Did you plug in the PowerSwitch connector of your casing to the board? MSI Theater Pro: The only thing is I might have to get more thermal gel. What exactly is your CPU? I havnt changed the msi pm8m2-v vga at all so I dont think its a hardware problem. Is the connection correct? Hi I have had the same motherboard set up as stated above and msi pm8m2-v vga been working msi pm8m2-v vga for close to 6 months then one day it kept restarting then it wouldnt start at all.

I guess I think that something magical is going to happen if I keep trying and it msi pm8m2-v vga post. I had to wipe msi pm8m2-v vga of it off because it was smudged all over the heat sink when I took it off the cpu. I have change video card trying agp and pci. I left it alone for about a week.

ANy help would be great.